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MO Alert: St Louis to Consider Mandatory Spay/Neuter and Show Breeder Permits TOMORROW (9/16)!

(Thursday, September 15, 2011)

AKC Government Relations has learned that the St. Louis Board of Aldermen is scheduled to consider a proposal TOMORROW (September 16) that would institute a mandatory spay/neuter law, hobby/show breeder permits, and numerous other provisions that would violate the rights of responsible dog owners.

It is essential that all responsible dog owners and breeders who reside in St. Louis or are members of St. Louis clubs attend tomorrow’s hearing and contact the board TODAY and ask them to oppose Board Bill 107.

Meeting information:

Date: Friday, September 16, 2011
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: St. Louis City Hall
Board of Alderman Chambers, Room 230
1200 Market Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

Scroll down for the board’s contact information


Board Bill 107 makes numerous changes to its animal control ordinances, including:

  • Mandatory spay/neuter for all dogs in city limits – Should the proposal pass, owners of intact dogs would have one year to get their dog sterilized and microchipped. This is also applicable for any dog remaining in St. Louis for more than 30 days. If a dog is not sterilized, an owner will be given 60 days to comply. It appears that exemptions will be made for those who have a hobby/show breeder or commercial breeder license.
  • New hobby/show breeder definition and permit – A hobby/show breeder would now be defined as those who have up to 2 intact female dogs or cats (current law allows for up to 10 intact females), breed for the primary purpose of exhibiting or showing dogs or cats and only sell to other breeders or individuals. To be a hobby/show breeder, you must purchase an annual permit (the cost is not mentioned in the bill), and be inspected each year for an additional $200.
  • New commercial kennel permit – Those who do not qualify for a hobby/show breeder license may apply for a commercial kennel permit. Current law defines a “commercial kennel” as anyone who is “engaged in the business of breeding” and owns at least one intact female “intended for breeding”. This bill adds the requirement that a commercial breeder must also be licensed with the Missouri Department of Agriculture in order to be a commercial breeder. The AKC believes it is unreasonable to require someone who may just breed one litter and own one intact female to comply with the same licensing and regulatory requirements as large-scale, commercial kennels.
  • Ownership limits for breeders – Current law allows a resident to own up to four domestic animals, or up to eight with a “noncommercial kennel permit”. Under this bill, those same limits would apply to the hobby/show breeder and commercial kennel licensees.


Board Bill 107 was passed by committee in late July and expected to be considered in September after the board returned from summer recess. AKC GR alerted local residents of the bill in July and asked them to contact the Board of Alderman during the board’s summer break. AKC GR has also contacted the board and expressed numerous concerns with the bill as introduced. Read the AKC’s letter to the St. Louis Board of Aldermen

Talking Points:

AKC’s Issue Analysis Why Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws are Ineffective
AKC’s Issue Brief “Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws”
AKC’s Issue Brief “Dog Limit Laws”
“Animal Limit Laws: Better Alternatives”

Board of Aldermen Contact Information:

Find the name of your Alderman here.

Charles Troupe (Ward 1): troupec@stlouiscity.com

Dionne Flowers (Ward 2): flowersd@stlouiscity.com

Freeman M. Bosley (Ward 3): bosleyf@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Samuel L. Moore (Ward 4): moores@stlouiscity.com

April Ford-Griffin (Ward 5): griffina@stlouiscity.com

Kacie Starr Triplett (Ward 6): triplettk@stlouiscity.com

Phyllis Young (Ward 7): youngp@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form (scroll to bottom of page to access form)

Stephen Conway (Ward 8): conways@stlouiscity.com

Kenneth Ortmann (Ward 9): ortmannk@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Joseph Vollmer (Ward 10): vollmerj@stlouiscity.com

Thomas Villa (Ward 11): villat@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Larry Arnowitz (Ward 12): arnowitzl@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Fred Wessels (Ward 13): wesselsl@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Carol Howard (Ward 14): howardc@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Jennifer Florida (Ward 15): floridaj@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Donna Baringer (Ward 16): baringerd@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Joseph Roddy (Ward 17): roddyj@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Terry Kennedy (Ward 18): kennedyt@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Marlene Davis (Ward 19): davisma@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Craig Schmid (Ward 20): schmidc@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Antonio French (Ward 21): frencha@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form (scroll to bottom of page to access form)

Jeffrey Boyd (Ward 22): boydj@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form (scroll to bottom of page to access form)

Joseph Vaccaro (Ward 23): vaccaroj@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Scott Ogilvie (Ward 24): ogilvies@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Shane Cohn (Ward 25): cohns@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Frank Williamson (Ward 26): williamsonf@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Gregory Carter (Ward 27): carterg@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

Lyda Krewson – Sponsor of BB 107 (Ward 28) – krewsonl@stlouiscity.com or E-mail form

For questions or more information, contact the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.

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