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AKC Urges Repeal of Missouri Ownership Limits

(Monday, January 31, 2011)

Several Missouri lawmakers have proposed a number of bills that would repeal or amend Proposition B, which passed on the ballot in November 2010. Throughout 2010, the American Kennel Club voiced its opposition to Prop B, primarily because it placed a cap on the number of dogs that could be owned.

Click here to read the AKC’s official statement regarding Missouri Proposition B.

The AKC urges Missouri legislators to remove the 50-dog ownership limit from the new law. Ownership limits are arbitrary and do not address the issue of irresponsible dog ownership. There are responsible owners of many dogs, and irresponsible owners of one dog. Arbitrary ownership limits will not change this, but they do punish responsible dog owners who take excellent care of their dogs by forcing them to get rid of dogs just to comply with the limit. These dogs are taken out of a safe, caring environment and often sent to shelters where they are cared for and/or euthanized at the taxpayer’s expense.

As the Missouri General Assembly considers the numerous proposed amendments to Proposition B, AKC encourages them to remove the arbitrary limit on dog ownership that restricts the rights of responsible dog owners and does nothing to protect the health and welfare of dogs in Missouri.

Click here for talking points on dog limit laws

Click here for AKC’s printable handout "Animal Limit Laws: Better Alternatives"

AKC also encourages Missourians to contact their legislators in support of repealing limits on dog ownership. Ask your legislators to focus instead on programs that educate the public about responsible dog ownership, and to focus on enforcing existing negligence and cruelty laws.

Click here to type in your zip code and find the names and contact information for your state legislators.

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