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Ask NY Legislators to Support Pet Ownership for Senior Citizens!

(Monday, January 31, 2011)

New York Assembly Bill 3595 would prevent senior citizens from being denied occupancy or evicted from a multiple dwelling because they own a pet. We encourage all New York residents to contact their State Assemblyperson and the members of the Assembly Housing Committee, and ask them to support this legislation.


There are many positive aspects to A.3595, including:

  • Recognition of the Benefits of Pet Ownership – This bill begins by listing numerous benefits of pet ownership on the owner’s physical and mental health, and states that a person should not have to choose between remaining in their home and keeping their pet.
  • Protection for Senior Citizen Pet Owners – A senior citizen may not be denied occupancy or evicted from a multiple dwelling unit simply because they own or keep "a common household pet or pets".
  • Respect for Other Tenants – The bill does not apply to pets that cause damage, create a nuisance, or substantially interfere with the health, safety, and welfare of other tenants or occupants.
  • Accountability for Pet Owners – The owner of the multiple dwelling may establish reasonable rules, including requiring leashes in common areas, removal of animal waste, the use of reasonably designated elevators, and compliance with state and local health, animal control, and animal cruelty laws.

How You Can Help:

Assembly Bill 3595 has been assigned to the Assembly Housing Committee. We encourage New York residents to:

Contact the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org for the latest information.

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