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Update: Los Angeles County Rejects Proposed Zoning Changes Impacting Kennels

(Friday, October 30, 2009)

The Los Angeles County Regional Planning Board unanimously rejected proposed zoning changes affecting dog kennels. AKC congratulates the kennel operators and responsible owners and breeders who worked hard to educate the board members about these important issues.

Los Angeles County Zoning Changes to Hurt Kennels and Breeders
[Thursday, October 22, 2009]

The Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning has announced a public hearing on Wednesday, October 28th to discuss proposed zoning changes affecting kennels. It is vital that concerned breeders become involved with this process NOW! Once this proceeds to the Board of Supervisors it will be very hard to obtain modifications or to defeat the measure.

Regional Planning Department Meeting
Wednesday, October 28th
320 West Temple Street
Room 1355
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Summary of the Proposed Changes

Policy Change

  • All boarding kennels with a breeding facility as an accessory use shall stop all breeding activities within five years of the effective date of the ordinance.

"Boarding facility for dogs and cats" has the meaning set forth in Section 10.08.065 of Title 10 (Animals) of the Los Angeles County Code.

  • (From Title 10) "Boarding facility" means an animal facility used for the care and temporary boarding (including day care) of dogs and cats and other animals normally kept as pets, in return for consideration, not including an animal hospital which only boards animals receiving medical treatment. (Ord. 2009-0043 § 2, 2009.)

"Breeding facility for dogs and cats" has the meaning set forth in Section 10.08.070 of Title 10 (Animals) of the Los Angeles County Code. Said definition shall only apply to the breeding of more of than three dogs and five cats.

  • (From Title 10) "Breeding facility" means an animal facility engaged in the business of breeding dogs and cats or other animals normally kept as pets for sale or exchange in return for consideration. (Ord. 2009-0043 § 3, 2009.)

Zoning Changes

  • M-1, M-1 and ½, M-2 and M-4 Zones – breeding facility for dogs and cats and boarding facilities are added as a use requiring a conditional use permit. (This could mean a heavy fee increase.)
  • Zone A-2 (Heavy Agricultural) and M1 (Light Manufacturing) – Boarding facilities replaces kennels as a permitted use.
  • M-1 Zone – Dog breeding is deleted as a permitted use.

The staff report claims that Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control has experienced a significant increase in the number of case of overbreeding dogs at licensed kennels. The report states that the county has had to seize hundreds of puppies and adult dogs due to these conditions. It would be helpful to get the department to provide documentation of these seizures as I am unaware of any news articles about such events.

Further, we understand that the Department of Animal Care and Control is developing new regulations and standards for kennels – possibly including specific requirement for flooring, space etc. It is imperative that breeders and kennel owners get involved in this process.

AKC legislative liaison Stormy Hope is coordinating breeders and kennel owners to work on these issues. She can be reached at stormy435@aol.com. You can also contact the AKC Government Relations department at doglaw@akc.org for copies of the proposed zoning changes.

Thank you for your attention to these important issues.

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