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NC Victory: Sponsor Pulls Bad Breeders Bill from Committee Consideration

(Monday, August 10, 2009)
Senate Bill 460 was delivered a final defeat for the year today when its sponsor, Sen. Don Davis, pulled the bill from consideration by the House Finance Committee.

Senate Bill 460 sought to unnecessarily regulate the operations of dog breeders in North Carolina. The American Kennel Club and the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs have worked closely together since the beginning of this session in opposing SB 460 and several other anti-breeder bills.

The AKC thanks all the responsible breeders, fanciers and dog lovers who contacted their legislators in opposition to this bill. Your work in contacting legislators, along with the tremendous work by the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs and its partners are responsible for this hard-won victory.

The AKC was pleased to have assisted responsible dog owners and breeders in North Carolina throughout the session by providing up-to-date online legislative information and alerts, contacting all committee members and all members of both houses of the General Assembly at many critical points. The AKC also sent approximately 100,000 email alerts to dog owners and breeders throughout the state, conducted legislative training sessions, and provided legislative and economic analyses, among other efforts.

The North Carolina General Assembly will adjourn this week. However, the sponsor of SB 460 has pledged to continue his fight on this issue in next year’s session. The AKC has asked that the interests of all stakeholders be considered in any potential future canine legislation, and will continue to monitor the situation for its North Carolina constituents.
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