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URGENT UPDATE: North Carolina Bill Moves to Senate Floor; Immediate Action Needed!

(Tuesday, August 04, 2009)

Today, in a swift, unannounced meeting, the North Carolina Senate Rules Committee voted on SB 460 and sent the bill back to the Senate floor. Our sources indicate that the new version of the bill is different than the one previously approved by the Commerce and Finance committees, however copies of the new measure are not yet available.

North Carolina Senate Bill 460 is now scheduled for a vote tomorrow afternoon by the full Senate. In light of the speed which this bill has been pushed through the Senate, and the fact that the new version of this bill has not been made publicly available, the AKC asks all responsible dog owners and breeders in North Carolina to contact their Senators and Representatives immediately and respectfully ask them oppose SB 460.

The AKC Government Relations Department asked bill sponsor Don Davis’s office for a copy of any amendments late last week, but the office never responded. Without the ability to read the new draft of the bill, it is impossible to evaluate what impact the legislation may have on responsible dog owners and breeders.

The manner in which the bill has been handled in recent days is inconsistent with an open democracy and serves only to shut interested stakeholders out of the legislative process. Please let your Senators know that you oppose SB 460 and the way in which it has been handled.

How You Can Help

  • Contact your Senator and Representative and ask them to oppose Senate Bill 460. Due to the time constraints phone calls are better than email. To find your Senator and Representative, visit the North Carolina General Assembly web site and type your zip code in the "Who Represents Me?" box on the right side of the page.

View basic phone scripts for breeders and fanciers.

The AKC Government Relations Department will provide updated information, as it becomes available, on our website.

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