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CA Moves to Collect Sales Tax on Pet Sales

(Thursday, July 02, 2009)

The California Board of Equalization (BOE) has sent letters to several breeders in California informing them that they need a Seller's Permit and are required to pay sales tax on puppies and dogs they have sold.

Although the letter states that this information was obtained through the AKC website, the AKC has not provided any registration or contact information for breeders who register their dogs with us. It appears that the BOE is using the AKC webpages to link to the homepages of various AKC Parent Clubs and collecting publicly available information from the breeder referrals provided on those websites. It is also possible that they are contacting breeders who have advertised on the AKC's Online Breeder Classifieds.

Please contact the California Board of Equalization at 916-319-9533 with any questions.

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