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Illinois General Assembly Establishes Breeder Task Force

(Friday, June 05, 2009)

Based on the concerns about Illinois House Bill 198, and its companion Senate Bill 53 (bills that sought to regulate dog breeding in Illinois), the House and Senate sponsors of those bills introduced a new Senate Joint Resolution (SJR 56) to create a 15-member Joint Task Force on Breeders and Pet Stores to investigate and make recommendations about pet stores and the breeding industry and to report its findings by January 2010.

Members of the committee include representatives of animal welfare organizations, small and large-scale breeders, pet stores, and veterinarians.

The resolution was adopted by both houses on June 1. Members have yet to be appointed.

The AKC thanks all the fanciers and breeders who have worked tirelessly in Illinois to address concerns raised by the Illinois General Assembly while still protecting the rights of responsible breeders who take their roles seriously.

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