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One Texas Breeder Bill Defeated, Help Still Needed

(Monday, June 01, 2009)

A Texas Legislature conference committee has rejected Senate amendments to House Bill 2310 that attempted to turn a straightforward bill regarding the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation into a strict breeder regulation bill.

As amended by the Senate, House Bill 2310 limited commercial breeders from possessing more than 50 intact female animals in a facility at any time.This bill had already passed the House and Senate and only needed approval by the conference committee before the bill was given final approval by the House and sent to Governor Perry.

The AKC issued a Legislative Alert on HB 2310, notified Texas breeders, dog clubs, and AKC officials about the amendments, and urged responsible dog owners to contact the Texas Legislature and Governor Perry to express opposition to the bill.The AKC also worked with its state federation, Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (RPOA) to defeat the measure.The AKC thanks RPOA and the numerous Texas breeders and fanciers who worked to ensure HB 2310 did not become law.

AKC and RPOA are continuing to work to defeat House Bill 3180, another Texas bill that limits animal ownership and imposes numerous burdensome requirements on responsible breeders.Read our latest legislative alert to learn more about this bill and how you can help us fight this legislation.

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