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AKC Canine Experience on the Great Plains

(Wednesday, May 14, 2008)

On Saturday, May 10th the "City of Fountains" welcomed hundreds of exhibitors and AKC club members to the first AKC Canine Experience conducted in the Midwest. The historic Kansas City Missouri American Royale venue was the gathering place for scores of new AKC dog owners experiencing their first exposure to the many AKC activities available to purebred dog owners. Club members from fifty-one AKC affiliated clubs in Missouri and Kansas devoted the day to providing grooming tutorials, conformation handling instruction, junior showmanship clinics and obedience, rally and agility demonstrations for new exhibitors. The morning of instruction was followed by an afternoon sanctioned B match.

The AKC Canine Experience couples longtime and seasoned AKC club members with new purebred dog owners. The event provides mentoring experience and shares the joys and opportunities participation in AKC events gives families and their valued pets. For additional information regarding the AKC Canine Experience please contact the Public Education department at 919-816-3722 or lls@akc.org.

Junior Showmanship instruction

Exhibitors register for AKC Canine Experience

Grooming tutorial with Miniature Schnauzer

One of the many AKC-affiliated club booths

Stripping a harsh-coated Giant Schnauzer

Bullmastiffs competing in sanctioned B match

Dale Hunsburger (St. Joseph KC) judges a Lhasa Apso

Le Hedstrom (Heart of America KC) judges Afghan Hounds

Bob Goodin (Heart of America KC President) and judge Bob Bostrom (Topeka KC) present Best in Match ribbon to Afghan Hound

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