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CA AB 1634 Moves Out of Committee

(Tuesday, April 24, 2007)
Today, the California Assembly Business and Professions Committee voted in favor of Assembly Bill 1634. The bill will now be considered by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. After today's committee hearing, several hundred fanciers who had attended distributed educational materials provided by AKC staff to their assemblymember and expressed their opposition to AB 1634.

Today's developments are only one part of the long legislative process. As the bill continues to move, continued fervent opposition by breeders and concerned dog owners will be vital to its defeat. The American Kennel Club thanks everyone who contacted their legislators and the Assembly Business and Professions Committee. We continue to urge you to write or visit your Assemblymember and express your vehement opposition to AB 1634.

AKC will continue to monitor and report developments in California as they warrant. Please return to AKC.org tomorrow for further information.
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