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$200 Intact Animal Fee Proposed in Sacramento

(Wednesday, February 15, 2006)

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will hold a workshop on February 21st to discuss instituting a $200 intact animal fee, part of the proposed Animal Overpopulation Ordinance. The current license fee for an intact animal is $30. Fanciers are encouraged to attend the meeting which will be held at 2:30 in the Board Chambers at 700 H Street. The proposal is the result of efforts by the Coalition to Stop Animal Overpopulation and the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights.

The following fees and requirements would be instituted:

  • A $15 license fee for sterilized dogs and cats
  • A $200 license fee for each intact animal
  • A $50 license fee for each show dog or cat

To qualify for the $50 fee owners would have to be members of a breed or kennel cub, demonstrate that each animal is registered with a recognized registry, and compete in two show events per year. Additionally, breeders would be required to list the license number of the parents when advertising a litter. The ordinance further prohibits the sale of an animal in a public place.

Residents who fail to license their pets will be assessed a fine of $300 per animal for a first offense and $500 per animal for subsequent offenses. Violators, including those who fail to list a license number on an advertisement, will be fined $100 per animal for a first offense and $500 per animal for subsequent violations.

Enactment of this ordinance would be devastating to responsible hobby breeders in the county. If these proposed breeding regulations are enacted, small breeders may be forced out of existence, denying puppy purchasers a conscientious, knowledgeable source of purebred dogs. Additionally, hundreds of fanciers who show but do not breed their unaltered animals may have no choice but to give up their enjoyment in the sport. Your immediate assistance is needed to fight this legislation!

What You Can Do:

  • Attend the workshop on the 21st to voice your opinions to the supervisors.
  • AKC encourages dog owners to contact their county supervisor and express their opposition.

    District 1 - Roger Dickinson
    700 H Street, Suite 2450
    Sacramento CA 95814
    (916) 874-5485 (916) 874-7593 FAX

    District 2 - Illa Collin
    700 H Street, Suite 2450
    Sacramento CA 95814
    (916) 874-5481 (916) 874-7593 FAX

    District 3 - Susan Peters
    700 H Street, Suite 2450
    Sacramento CA 95814
    (916) 874-5471 (916) 874-7593 FAX

    District 4 - Chair, Roberta MacGlashan
    700 H Street, Suite 2450
    Sacramento CA 95814
    (916) 874-5491 (916) 874-7593 FAX

    District 5 - Vice Chair, Don Nottoli
    700 H Street, Suite 2450
    Sacramento CA 95814
    (916) 874-5465 (916) 874-7593 FAX

Points to Consider:

  • Mandatory spay/neuter is an ineffective solution to animal control problems because it fails to address the heart of the issue—irresponsible ownership. Mandatory spay/neuter laws are extremely difficult to enforce and can be evaded by irresponsible animal owners by not licensing their pets. More regulations increase the workload of already financially strained animal control offices, making it even more difficult for them to perform their duties.
  • Spay/neuter requirements target all owners regardless of their actions and would restrict the many responsible breeders who raise and breed purebred dogs for their enjoyment of the sport. These breeders make a serious commitment to their animals, not to make a profit, but instead with the intention of promoting the sport of purebred dogs and improving the individual breeds.
  • Strongly enforced animal control laws (such as leash laws), and increased public education efforts are better ways to address the issue of irresponsible dog ownership. A public education campaign would help teach community residents about how to properly care for their pets, as well as the need to be a responsible pet owner.

For more information, contact:

Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs
Joan Gibson Reid

AKC's Canine Legislation department

The Animal Council

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