American Kennel Club Launches AKC Global Services - Record Keeping and Registration Processing

AKC Launches AKC Global Services - Record Keeping and Registration Processing 


Noted General Kennel Club of China is First Client

The American Kennel Club® Board of Directors has approved a program called AKC Global Services to provide record keeping and registration processing to international organizations for a negotiated contract fee. This program will allow the AKC® to leverage its expertise and infrastructure while offering the highest-quality registration processing services to foreign kennel clubs.

AKC is pleased to announce that it has begun working with the Noted General Kennel Club (NGKC) of China to provide these services, under the leadership of Mr.Shi Zhao Xin, NGKC President.

"NGKC was selected because of their desire to offer an accurate registry of purebred dogs, accurate competition records of dog show participants, and their demonstrated dedication to responsible dog ownership and the well-being of dogs in China," said Robin Stansell, AKC Vice President of Events.

Stansell further stressed that, "The first project of AKC Global Services is the development of an NGKC registry. The NGKC elected to contract these services from AKC in order to benefit from our unmatched experience as the largest purebred dog registry in the world."

In the past few years, the sport of purebred dogs has gained popularity in China, as has pet ownership. Several AKC judges have reported judging high-quality dogs at events there and dogs from throughout Asia travel to exhibit in China. However, currently, there is no single national registry or standardized set of rules governing these shows.

"We are very proud to be working with the American Kennel Club – truly the gold standard worldwide when it comes to purebred dogs and dog shows," said Mr. Shi. "We were selected because of our dedication to responsible dog ownership, disease prevention and our desire to have a verified purebred registry. We are committed to building a registry with integrity that will form the basis for the sport of purebred dogs in China."

"We wish Mr. Shi and NGKC great success," added John Lyons, AKC Chief Operating Officer. "We are confident that the NGKC represents the makings of a well-respected, world-class registry in the People's Republic of China and are hoping that AKC Global can assist in the formation of other reputable registries for the worldwide betterment of purebred dogs."

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