Wyoming Update: AKC Supports Wallis Amendment to SF 100

Wyoming Update: AKC Supports Wallis Amendment  to SF 100


The American Kennel Club has sent a letter to the Wyoming House of Representatives expressing our support for the amendment to Senate File 100 being offered by Representative Sue Wallis.  Read the AKC’s letter here.

As stated in our previous Legislative Alert, the AKC has had numerous concerns with this bill, which sought to place vague definitions of "hoarding" and "puppy mills" in state statute.  Although a substitute version was adopted that addressed some of the AKC’s concerns, many problems still remain, including the problematic definition of "hoarder".

The Wallis Amendment, which is expected to be considered tomorrow (Friday, February 25), would address these concerns by deleting the current language and simply creating the crime of "household pet animal cruelty" if someone keeps household pets in "a manner that results in chronic or repeated serious physical harm to the household pet" or keeps the pets "confined in conditions which constitute a public health hazard."

We believe that this amendment protects both the health and welfare of dogs in Wyoming, and the rights of responsible dog owners and breeders.

The AKC thanks the local Wyoming kennel clubs and the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs for their assistance in crafting and promoting this amendment.