WV Victory: Restrictive Breeder Bill Defeated!

WV Victory: Restrictive Breeder Bill Defeated!


Senate Bill 406, which would have limited dog ownership and imposed onerous restrictions on those who own 11 or more intact dogs, was held in the House Judiciary Committee and did not pass this session.

Although SB 406 did provide exemptions for anyone who keeps or breeds dogs "for the purpose of herding or guarding livestock animals, hunting, tracking or exhibiting in dog shows, performance events or field and obedience trials...", the AKC believes these exemptions were vague and would not have truly protect hobbyists.  In addition, the measure would have imposed numerous new engineering regulations, bi-annual inspections, and would have limited ownership to 50 intact dogs.

The AKC congratulates and thanks the numerous dog owners and breeders who took the time to contact their legislators with concerns on Senate Bill 406, and to those who went to the state capitol to meet with legislators and worked tirelessly to defeat this legislation.  AKC Government Relations was pleased to support their efforts by issuing numerous alerts, letters of concern, and working with legislators and stakeholders in opposition to the bill.

It is expected that this legislation will be introduced again in 2013. AKC Government Relations will provide information later in the year on how you can help us fight to protect responsible dog ownership and breeding in West Virginia.

For questions or more information, contact AKC Government Relations at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.