Wisconsin Alert: Contact Committee NOW To Express Your Concerns About New Breeder Regulations

Wisconsin Alert: Contact Committee NOW To Express Your Concerns About New Breeder Regulations


This coming Monday, March 21, an extension will expire for the Assembly Consumer Protection and Personal Privacy Committee to make changes to improve onerous regulations for those who sell 25 or more dogs in a year that they have bred and raised.

In order for the committee to submit revisions to the regulations, they must either request an extension or submit changes before this deadline.

The AKC strongly supports the humane treatment of dogs. We believe all dogs should be bred and raised in a safe, healthy environment, and support laws that ensure this without imposing burdensome and costly regulations or infringing on the rights of responsible dog breeders. However, he AKC has identified several specific concerns about these regulations and encourages responsible dog owners and breeders to also express any concerns about the proposed regulations before Monday’s deadline.

What You Can Do

Email or call members of the Assembly Consumer Protection and Personal Privacy Committee, and respectfully urge them to take up constituent concerns with the current version of the regulations before their action deadline expires.

Contact Information

Representative Keith Ripp (Chairman)
Email: Rep.Ripp@legis.wisconsin.gov
Phone: (608) 266-3404

Representative Tyler August (Vice Chair)
Email: Rep.August@legis.wi.gov
Phone: (608) 266-1190

Representative Richard Spanbauer
Email: Rep.Spanbauer@legis.wisconsin.gov
Phone: (608) 267-7990 or (888) 534-0053

Representative Dale Kooyenga
Email: Rep.Kooyenga@legis.wi.gov
Phone: (608) 266-9180

Representative Kelda Helen Roys
Email: Rep.Roys@legis.wisconsin.gov
Phone: (608) 266-5340

Representative Gary Hebl
Email: Rep.Hebl@legis.wisconsin.gov
Phone: (608) 266-7678

Representative Elizabeth Coggs
Email: Rep.Coggs@legis.wi.gov
Phone: (608) 266-0960

For E-mail: (Please indicate “Dog Seller Regulations for 2009 Wis. Act 90” in the subject line)

Summary of Regulations

Wisconsin Act 90, passed by the Wisconsin Legislature in 2009, regulates dog breeders who sell 25 or more dogs/year that they have raised, provided that all the dogs come from more than three litters. An advisory committee established under this Act has proposed numerous broad regulations regarding licensing and care and conditions. The AKC is very appreciative of several amendments that have been made to address certain concerns; however, some concerns still remain, including:

  • Vague, complicated, and expensive kennel standards – The care standards include very specific enclosure requirements, where even a one-inch difference in measurement may require a different enclosure size.  Furthermore, the proposed enclosure requirements are much larger than the USDA requirements, which would result in numerous breeders being forced to rebuild their kennels at significant cost, even if they are currently in compliance.
  • Extensive recordkeeping requirements –In addition to records on each dog kept, bred, and sold, the licensee must keep the names and addresses of any “home custody provider”, meaning anyone who ever keeps a dog owned by a licensee in their home. This could include co-ownerships, boarding, or other similar arrangements.  While the AKC strongly encourages extensive and thorough recordkeeping, this level of detail is unreasonable.
  • Inspections of secondary facilities – Many hobby breeders as well as “dog breeders” as defined in 2009 Wisconsin Act 90 jointly own their dogs with other individuals. As currently written, this provision could allow for unannounced inspections of private homes of persons not required to register under this Act.


Extensive requirements for transportation of dogs –Anyone transporting a dog owned by a licensee must comply with extensive requirements, unless the dog is being transported to a dog trial that is less than five miles away. The AKC has requested that this section be amended.

Click here to read the regulations.

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