Ways to Increase the Chance of TV News Coverage for Your Dog Show

Ways to Increase the Chance of TV News Coverage for Your Dog Show

TV crews are eager to cover local stories and your hometown dog show easily fits the bill. Even if there may be a bigger dog show, your local show can serve as a lead up, building anticipation toward larger shows. Luck sometimes plays a role in the situation, however there are some things you can do to increase your chances of coverage.

To make it more likely that the television station will cover your event, offer to send a spokesperson to the studio to conduct an interview. Try pitching yourself or another club member specifically as a spokesperson and getting the station to cover the show through a different angle, such as:

  • Explain how a dog show can be used to help potential dog owners decide on the right breed to fit their lifestyle.

  • Offer to bring a rare breed (or several) with you – one that might not be familiar in the local community. Since you will want the media coverage to take place as close to the show as possible you will likely have passed your entry deadline and will have a good idea of which rare breeds will be attending the show. Make sure you point out that these rare breeds will be present at the show you are promoting. Stations and TV hosts love having lesser-known breeds in the studio, especially puppies!

  • Address an issue that may already be in the news and can be related to your club or dog show. Buyer beware, in which puppy buyers are urged to be careful when looking for a dog over the internet has been a popular topic in the news. You can offer to speak about how to find a reputable breeder.

  • Address any pending canine legislation in the community that your club may support or oppose.

  • If you offer agility, obedience or another special event in conjunction with your show, the media may be interested in learning about it and/or having an in-studio demonstration.

Tell them how your dog show stands out from other events that take place in your area – and make sure you follow through with your claims! The more creative you are with your pitching, the more likely you are to pique the interest of a TV station.