URGENT: Wyoming Cruelty Bill Passes Senate- Call Your Representative TODAY!

URGENT: Wyoming Cruelty Bill Passes Senate- Call Your Representative TODAY!

Wyoming Senate File 100 seeks to add "puppy mills" and "animal hoarding" to the definition of animal cruelty.  The bill has passed the Wyoming Senate and will likely be considered by the House Agriculture Committee very soon.

This bill has been amended to address some of the AKC’s concerns, but it is still very vague and could label responsible dog owners and breeders as "hoarders" or "puppy mills".

Click here to read the AKC's letter to the House Agriculture Committee.

This bill is moving very quickly, so it is essential that all concerned dog owners and breeders in Wyoming contact the House Agriculture Committee and their Representative immediately to express concerns.   Please see the bottom of this message for contact information.


Senate File 100 seeks to amend the cruelty statutes by adding definitions of "animal hoarder" and "puppy mill" to the definition of cruelty.  The bill contains the following components:

  • Definition of "animal hoarder" – The bill defines a hoarder as someone who keeps an animal in an overcrowded environment or "displays an inability to understand the nature…for the conditions under which the companion animal is living."

    The terms used in this definition are undefined and therefore open to broad interpretation.  In addition, this language essentially prevents an innocent person from defending themselves, and there is no recourse for owners who wish to challenge being labeled as a hoarder.

  • Definition of "puppy mill" – SF100 defines this term as a "substandard commercial breeding facility" where animals are kept in substandard conditions, including failing to provide proper food, drink, protection from the elements or veterinary care. 

    The AKC completely agrees that these basic needs are essential, and appreciates the amendments that make this definition more reasonable; however, we remain concerned that the term "substandard" is still not fully defined and therefore left open for interpretation.  We would also like to see the term "puppy mill" removed from statute, as this term is offensive to responsible breeders.

How You Can Help

  • Contact your State Representative and ask them to not support Senate File 100 as currently written.

The AKC Government Relations Department (AKC GR) will continue to provide information as it becomes available.  Contact AKC GR at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org for more information.