URGENT - Montana Animal Forfeiture Bill Advances to House

URGENT - Montana Animal  Forfeiture Bill Advances to House

Please share this urgent alert with concerned animal owners in Montana.

Senate Bill 421, which would allow Montana courts to order the permanent forfeiture of animals that are seized based on alleged acts of animal cruelty, has advanced to the Montana House of Representatives and could be voted into law.

The American Kennel Club abhors the mistreatment of dogs and supports strong enforcement of reasonable animal cruelty laws. Senate Bill 421, however, could result in permanent forfeiture of animals that are impounded based on alleged violations of animal cruelty laws.  Our concerns with SB 421 include the following:

  • Loss of property ownership rights and the right to challenge extensive costs – SB 421 would allow a court to order forfeiture of animals seized under allegations of animal cruelty unless the defendant posts a bond or security to pay the costs of care for the animals for 30 days.  Payment would be required within 72 hours following a hearing that finds probable cause that the animals exhibit extreme disease, injury or suffering.  It should be noted that a finding of “probable cause” is not a determination of guilt.  If the owner does not pay the costs of care, his property is forfeit, he relinquishes the right to challenge potentially extensive costs, and he loses the opportunity defend his ownership rights at trial.
  • Third party interference – At the time of the hearing, seized animals will have been out of the owner’s care for a number of days or weeks.  During the seizure, transportation and impoundment process, animals may have suffered injury and exposure to disease while outside the defendant’s control and without his knowledge.
  • Even if the defendant wins, he loses – There is no provision for the reimbursement of costs to animal owners who are found not guilty or against whom charges are dismissed.  A citizen unjustly accused of animal cruelty could be forced to spend thousands of dollars to retain ownership of animals that should not have been impounded in the first place.
  • Burdensome for low-income citizens – There is no provision for defendants with low incomes who cannot pay animal care costs.

The AKC supports existing Montana Code 45-8-211 in which a person convicted of animal cruelty is required to pay costs of veterinary treatment for affected animals, may be required to forfeit his animals, and may be required to pay reasonable costs of care.

SB 421 violates the rights of animal owners who may be forced to forfeit ownership prior to adjudication.  No citizen should  be charged with costs of care for animals removed from his possession absent a finding of guilt.

How You Can Help

  • Immediately contact members of the Montana House of Representatives to politely express your concerns and ask them to vote “No” to Senate Bill 421. Call (406) 444-4800 during business hours to leave messages Representatives.  Email addresses (when available) are listed below.  Click here to find the Representative for your district.
  • Click here to send a respectful message to “Vote Against” SB 421 to Representatives using an online form.
  • Fax a message to all Representatives at fax number (406) 444-4825.  Clearly indicate “House of Representatives” on your fax.

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Contact AKC Government Relations at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org for additional information.