UPDATE: Washington State: House Committee to VOTE on Prohibiting BSL

UPDATE: Washington  State: House Committee to VOTE on Prohibiting BSL


UPDATE: If you have not already called or emailed the House Judiciary Committee members in support of House Bill 2117, please do so. The committee will take a vote in executive session on Thursday morning. This is an excellent opportunity for the American Kennel Club to support a positive measure for responsible dog owners.

On Tuesday, January 16th the Washington State House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on House Bill 2117, which would amend the state’s dangerous dog law and prohibit local governments from banning possession of a particular breed or declaring a specific breed of dog to be dangerous or potentially dangerous.

Please support responsible dog owners and breeders of all breeds by asking your legislators to approve this legislation.

What You Can Do:

  • Send a comment to the members of the Judiciary Committee in support of this legislation. You can fill out a form online by clicking here.

  • Email or call the members of the House Judiciary Committee individually and ask them to support HB 2117.

  • Contact your representative and ask him or her to support responsible dog owners by supporting HB 2117. You can find your representative by clicking here

Washington State Judiciary Committee Members

Representative Laurie Jinkins (Chair)
(360) 786-7930

Representative Drew Hansen (Vice-Chair)
(360) 786-7842

Representative Roger E. Goodman
(360) 786-7878

Representative Mike Hope
(360) 786-7892

Representative Steve Kirby
(360) 786-7996
Representative Brad Klippert
(360) 786-7882

Representative Dick Muri
(360) 786-7890
Email Contact Form

Representative Terry Nealey
(360) 786-7828

Representative Tina Orwall
(360) 786-7834

Representative Jamie Pedersen
(360) 786-7826

Representative Mary Helen Roberts
(360) 786-7950

Representative Jay Rodne
(360) 786-7852

Representative Matt Shea
(360) 786-7984