Tulsa, OK Update: Hobbyist Licensing/Ownership Limit Vote to be Held Thursday (11/3)

Tulsa, OK Update: Hobbyist Licensing/Ownership Limit Vote to be Held Thursday (11/3)

The Tulsa City Council is scheduled to hold a final vote on Thursday, November 3 at 6:00 p.m. on a proposal that would place significant restrictions on responsible hobby breeders and dog owners.

Local clubs have been tremendously diligent in attending the council meetings and expressing their concerns about the versions of this proposal that have been brought forward over the past several months. AKC understands that there is a feeling of fatigue on the council that this issue keeps arising, which is why it is essential that those who reside or hold shows in Tulsa attend Thursday’s council meeting, and also contact the council members (even if you have done so in the past) and politely and respectfully ask them to vote “no” on the measure.

The meeting information is as follows:

Tulsa City Council Public Works Committee
Thursday, November 3, 2011
Time: 6:00 p.m.
175 E. 2nd Street
Council Chamber, 2nd Floor
Tulsa, OK 74103


The AKC has expressed numerous concerns with the most recent proposal, including:

  • Definition of “Commercial Breeder” – The proposal would designate anyone who possesses an intact female animal “for the purpose of the sale, indirect sale or exchange of animals” as a commercial breeder. It is unclear if a permit is required for those who fall under this definition. This definition is significantly more restrictive than state law, which defines a commercial breeder as one who owns 10 intact females.
  • Limitations on Holders of Hobbyist Exemption Permits – Under current law, those who hold a hobbyist permit are exempted from the city’s 3-dog limit law and mandatory spay/neuter requirements. Under this new proposal, hobbyists would now be limited to owning five intact dog or cats and be permitted to breed only one litter per year. 
  • Creation of a Private Kennel Permit – This new permit would allow permittees to be exempted from the ownership limits, but only in areas specifically zoned for kennels, which appear to be only industrial or commercial areas. This would essentially prohibit people living in residential areas of Tulsa from ever obtaining a private kennel permit.

Read the proposal here

The AKC strongly supports the humane treatment of animals, and believes that dogs should not be kept in circumstances or numbers where their needs cannot be adequately fulfilled. Limit laws and breeding restrictions, however, are arbitrary, difficult to enforce, and do not address any underlying issues of irresponsible dog ownership.

Talking Points:

View AKC’s printable handout with talking points on dog limit laws.

View AKC’s handout “Animal Limit Laws: Better Alternatives”

View AKC’s Issue Analysis The Value of Responsible Dog Breeders

City Council Contact Information:

Click here to find your district number.

Councilor Jack Henderson (District 1): dist1@tulsacouncil.org

Councilor Rick Westcott (District 2): dist2@tulsacouncil.org

Councilor Roscoe Turner (District 3): dist3@tulsacouncil.org

Councilor Maria Barnes (District 4): dist4@tulsacouncil.org

Councilor Chris Trail (District 5): dist5@tulsacouncil.org

Councilor Jim Mautino (District 6) – dist6@tulsacouncil.org

Councilor John Eagleton (District 7) - dist7@tulsacouncil.org

Councilor Bill Christiansen (District 8) - dist8@tulsacouncil.org

Councilor G.T. Bynum (District 9) - dist9@tulsacouncil.org

The AKC Government Relations Department will provide further updates as they become available.   For questions or more information, contact us at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.