The Weather Outside is Frightful! Keep Your Dog Safe in the Cold and Snow

The Weather Outside is Frightful! Keep  Your Dog Safe in the Cold and Snow

As temperatures drop and snow totals rise, dog owners need to take special care to keep their four-legged friends safe and warm. From what to watch out for during walks to caring for their paws, here are tips to help keep your dog healthy and happy this winter. Among them:

  • Watch out for deicers such as rock salt when talking your dog for a walk. They can not only irritate your dog’s paws, but can be toxic if your dog licks it.  Make sure to rinse and dry the paws when you get home.

  • Keep the hair between your dog’s toes trimmed. This will help ice balls from forming there.  The snow and ice can cause cuts and cracked pads.  You can also rub a small amount of petroleum jelly on your dog’s paw pads before you go for a walk to help repel the snow.

  • Do not leave your dog along in the car on cold days.  The same way your car heats up in the summer, it gets extremely cold in the winter.

  • Take care to avoid spilled antifreeze in driveways.  It smells and tastes good to dogs, but it is actually lethal to them.  You can also use pet-friendly antifreeze in your car.  It contains a much less toxic chemical and is doesn’t taste as good to animals.

  • Consider putting a sweater on your dog when you go outside if you have a hairless or smooth-coated breed.