Texas Update: TDLR Appoints Advisory Committee Members

Texas Update: TDLR Appoints Advisory Committee Members

Pursuant to passage and implementation of HB 1451, which establishes licensing and inspections programs for certain dog and cat breeders, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has appointed the following individuals to the Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee:

Paul O'Neill, Midland, TX, Animal Control Officer
Maggie Dahl, Richardson, TX, Animal Welfare Organization
Sherry Ferguson, Missouri City, TX, Animal Welfare Organization
Lori Teller, Bellaire, TX, Veterinarian
Richard Cordes Mendard, TX, Veterinarian
Gayle A. Latham, Buda TX, Public Member, Presiding Officer
Babette Ellis, Austin, TX, Public Member
Larry Munchrath, Eustace, TX, Licensed Breeder*
Steve Epperson, Brownsboro, TX, Licensed Breeder*

*State law specifies that the committee include representatives from certain groups. There are two slots for “Licensed Breeders,” however since these individuals are not yet licensed, they will participate in the discussions, but not have an official vote until after they are licensed. The TDLR Commission will receive notes reflecting their comments and concerns.

The advisory committee is expected to have an orientation and an initial meeting the week of November 14th-18th. 

Per a staff report, TDLR is soliciting outside vendors to develop a training program for inspectors. TDLR may contract with local governmental entities, such as a sheriff’s department or fire department, to conduct these inspections. Any individuals conducting inspections would need to complete an inspector certification process. Inspections will be specifically assigned by TDLR.

AKC staff will provide additional updates as more information about this advisory board and the draft regulations becomes available.