Texas House Bill 2116 Substitute Released

Texas House Bill 2116 Substitute Released

Texas House Bill 2116 has been replaced with a substitute and has been sent to the Local and Consent Calendar for scheduling.

The new bill will prohibit the stacking of crates or cages unless there is an impervious barrier between them. HB 2116 directs the Health and Human Services Commission to conduct a study regarding the proper care and conditions for dogs and cats and to report those findings to the appropriate legislative chairs.

HB 2116 provides that rules may be adopted based on the study, but it is unclear whether those rules must be proposed by the legislative committees or if the Health and Human Services Commission is allowed to adopt them unilaterally.  AKC strongly believes that any new standards should be presented through the legislative process and that impacted owners and breeders have the opportunity to comment on them to their elected officials.

The bill states that, “A member of a club or an affiliate organization of a national kennel club whose mission is stated in the charter and bylaws to "advocate the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership" is exempt from rules that may be adopted.”

While the AKC appreciates this proposed exemption, we feel that a more effective strategy would be to convene a stakeholder group composed of responsible breeders, owners, sportsmen, rescue groups and others responsible owners that could draft a set of guidelines based on accepted animal husbandry practices. AKC opposes this legislation as currently drafted and encourages responsible owners and breeders to contact their Representatives in Texas and ask them to oppose this measure.

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