Summer Grooming Know-How

Summer Grooming Know-How

Summer is coming, so get prepared! Grooming is an important part of keeping your dog healthy all year round, but the summer season can require some extra care. From protecting your dog from the hot sun to caring for his coat properly, AKC Family Dog magazine offers important tips for grooming your dog during the warmest months. Among them:

  • Don’t shave down your dog because you think he looks hot. Dogs have their coats for a reason. It keeps them warm in the winter and provides insulation from the heat in the summer. Your dog’s coat protects him from sunburn, high temperatures, and even skin cancer.
  • Do give your dog a good, thorough brushing regularly. This will help keep him cool and comfortable by helping him shed that winter coat. It also keeps the tangles and mats under control that result from all the rough-and-tumble activities your dog will be doing.
  • Don’t forget about the skin. Like ours, your dog’s skin is at risk for sunburn. If your dog is hairless, has a short, light coat, or exposed ears or nose, make sure to put sunscreen on him when he is going to be outdoors.
  • Do bathe your dog regularly. Whether he is rolling around outside, swimming in a pool or ocean, or simply relaxing at home, a clean coat offers better protection a dirty one.


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