Showcase and Display Your Dog’s Achievements - Customized, Framed Certificates Now Available!


Showcase and Display Your Dog's Achievements - Customized, Framed Certificates Now Available!

The AKC has launched a high quality stunning new product that allows proud exhibitors to showcase their dogs’ achievements.

The Enhanced Competition Certificate allows owners to memorialize a title or a major win along with a photo in a beautiful framed display. The certificate can feature your special dogs’ honors in any sport – Conformation, Companion Events and Performance Events.

Customized and top-notch matting within the frame features an official AKC-issued and signed certificate including the dog’s full name, all AKC titles, detailed information about the dog’s title or show win, including name of event and date as well as the dog’s identification information – color, sex, health clearances, and DNA number (if applicable). You may display the dog’s owners and breeders names as well as a two-generation pedigree that shows title and health information for each ancestor.

The white certificate, featuring the gold AKC seal, is mounted on royal blue matting. Owners may choose from single or double matting. The display is covered in UV-protected Plexiglas that helps prevent fading and sun damage. The back of the frame may be easily removed, allowing the insertion of an 8-by-10-inch photograph of the owner’s choice. The product includes easy-to-follow instructions for inserting the photograph and hanging the Enhanced Competition Certificate.

The ECC makes a great gift for co-owners, handlers, trainers, breeders -- and yourself.

The single-matted version costs $149.95; while the double matted version sells for $164.95. You may order the product from the AKC Online Store at or by calling the AKC Order Desk at (919) 233-9767.