SC Club Hosts Measuring Clinic for Mixed Breed Dogs

SC Club Hosts Measuring Clinic for Mixed Breed Dogs


Johns Island, SC – The Charleston Dog Training Club welcomed mixed breed dogs to its AKC Agility Trial on Oct. 16-18 as it hosted a measuring clinic.

The measuring clinic enabled mixed breed dogs that had obtained their AKC numbers to receive their first measurement towards determining their jump height division.

"We publicized the clinic in an effort to urge all dog owners to come out and be introduced to the great fun that AKC dog agility has to offer," Trial Chairman Karen Wlodarski said.

AKC Agility Field Representative Mark Sjogren attended the event and measured several mixed breed dogs.

Ann Ferrell of Charleston already runs a Dachshund in AKC agility, but soon her other dog can accompany them to trials. It appeared the diminutive mix with the unlikely name of Samson will compete in the 8-inch jump height division.

"I am so glad to get the opportunity to compete with both of my dogs at the same events," Ferrell said.

Connie Filippopoulou of North Charleston brought her mixed breed, Molly, to the clinic after her training school told her about the opportunity.

"We like to compete and we very happy to have more opportunities to do so," she said. Clubs with standalone trials occurring now through March 31, 2010, are encouraged to offer measuring clinics and help mixed breed owners get ready for competition. Clubs may offer the optional mixed breed classes at Agility, Obedience and Rally trials starting April 1, 2010.

More than 150 events that include mixed breed classes have already been approved.

If your club wants to hold a measuring clinic at a trial, then it just has to apply for permission to hold a Special Attraction. Special Attraction forms are available under the Downloadable Forms section on the AKC website or at this link.

If your club does not have a trial scheduled, it may still offer a clinic as a special event at an AKC club meeting or other AKC event.

An AKC Volunteer Measuring Official (VMO) must be available to conduct the measuring.  In addition, all dogs must have their AKC listing number in order to be measured. Because owners may list their dogs online and receive their number within minutes, clubs with internet access could assist owners with obtaining their numbers at the clinics.

For more information call 919-816-3749 or email


Ann Ferrell and her newly measured, Samson, who will be ready for agility competition next April


AKC Agility Field Representative Mark Sjogren measures Molly as owner Connie Filippopoulou looks on