RI Update: One Statewide-BSL Bill Withdrawn, One Remains

RI Update: One Statewide-BSL Bill Withdrawn, One Remains


The AKC Government Relations Department has learned that Rhode Island Senate Bill 178, which would have regulated “pit bulls” (or dogs believed to be “pit bulls”) and imposed numerous requirements on their owners, has been withdrawn by its sponsor, Senator Christopher Scott Ottiano.

The companion bill to SB 178, House Bill 5287, remains pending in the Rhode Island House of Representatives.

Click here to view AKC’s February 7 post regarding HB 5287 and SB 178.

The American Kennel Club thanks Senator Ottiano for withdrawing SB 178, and encourages all Rhode Island residents concerned with the unfair impacts of breed-specific legislation to thank Senator Ottiano for withdrawing SB 178.  He may be reached at sen-ottiano@rilin.state.ri.us.

AKC-GR will continue to provide updates regarding HB 5287, and all pending Rhode Island legislation important to responsible dog owners, as developments warrant.  For the latest information on pending Rhode Island legislation, go to AKC-GR’s Online Legislation Tracking Report; or contact AKC-GR at 919-816-3720, or email doglaw@akc.org.

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