Prince Doggie Leaves Paw Prints in AKC History Books as First All-American Master Agility Champion

Prince Doggie Leaves Paw Prints in AKC History Books as First All-American Master Agility Champion

-- Second All-American MACH Will Compete in AKC National Agility Championships --

The American Kennel Club® (AKC®) is pleased to congratulate “Prince Doggie,” the first All-American dog and AKC Canine Partner enrollee to achieve the Master Agility Champion (MACH) title. The five-year-old dog, owned by Tacarra Andrade and Michael Marshall of Novi, Michigan and handled by Andrade, completed the title requirements for the highest honor in Agility on February 20, 2011 at the Canine Combustion Dog Agility Club trial in Dexter, Michigan. Impressively, this achievement came just ten months after AKC Canine Partners-listed dogs became eligible to compete in AKC Agility, Obedience and Rally trials.

“As soon as I saw [an Agility competition], I knew that it was what Prince Doggie was meant for. He was so rambunctious and would often make up his own little obstacle courses around the house,” Andrade said. “Agility seemed like the perfect activity for Prince to be able to use all of the energy he had, but in a more controlled and safe way.”

Prince Doggie is the first dog that Andrade has ever owned or trained. In addition to his Agility talents, he is also a certified therapy dog. He provides pet-assisted therapy to patients in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the metro-Detroit area.

 “Our All-American dogs have been earning placements and titles since becoming eligible for competition last April, but the MACH is a truly special achievement requiring a great deal of hard work and dedication,” said AKC Director of Agility Carrie DeYoung.  “Congratulations to Prince Doggie and his owners, who are all very deserving of this honor.”

Through the end of 2010, AKC Canine Partners listed dogs had earned 1,944 titles, including 1,408 Agility Titles, 155 Obedience Titles and 381 Rally titles.

Second All-American MACH to Compete at AKC National Agility Championships
The second MACH All-American was crowned March 6th at a trial hosted by the Gateway Agility Club of Suburban Saint Louis. Honey Come Quick, also known as “Tangle,” is owned and handled by Dana Pike Chamberlain of Wilmington, Ill. Tangle is currently the number one ranked All-American dog in AKC Agility and will be joining All-American “Tucker” as the first AKC Canine Partners enrollees to compete in the AKC National Agility Championship taking place April 1-3 in Lexington, Virginia. This is the first year All-American dogs are eligible for the show

Prince Doggie with owners Tacarra Andrade & Michael Marshall and Judge Sarah Beathard
Credit: Raymond Dutton Photography,

Prince Doggie with his MACH Ribbon and Bar
Credit: Tacarra Andrade

Prince Doggie going through the tunnel
Credit: Raymond Dutton Photography,

Tangle finishing his MACH