Premium Lists & Judges Programs

Premium  Lists & Judges Programs


The premium list is a vital part of attracting exhibitors to your event.  The information listed in the premium list regarding judge assignments, other events (evening or concurrent specialties, CGC Tests, health clinics), and facility information (will judging be indoors or outdoors, the size of the rally rings, etc.) are deciding factors for exhibitors making decisions on entering your event. 

Clubs have the responsibility to proofread their premium list and judging program to ensure the correct information is listed.  The premium list is the contract between the club and prospective exhibitors.  Superintendents and show secretaries receive approval notices from AKC regarding the event but the club is responsible for all the information printed in the premium list.

Clubs should also proofread the judging program.  Once the judging program is published, the judging times are set and cannot be changed to an earlier time (even if a judge change occurs).  The judging program is also an excellent opportunity for clubs to publish local traffic updates (road closures, detours, etc.), hotel information, or other activities (social activities, CGC Tests, etc.) happening at the show.  Reminders about health clinics, site notices (unloading zones, grooming locations, etc.), and vendors that will be in attendance can also be included in the judging program.