Oklahoma Update: Positive Breeder Bill Advancing, Contact the Oklahoma Senate

Oklahoma Update: Positive Breeder Bill Advancing


Contact the Oklahoma Senate

Oklahoma House Bill 2921, which makes several positive changes to the state’s commercial pet breeder law, could be considered by the Senate Agriculture and Rural Development Committee as early as Monday, March 26. 

If it is considered and approved by the committee, it could be scheduled for consideration by the full Senate very soon as well.  Responsible dog owners and breeders in Oklahoma are encouraged to contact members of the Oklahoma Senate Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and their own State Senator, and ask them to support House Bill 2921.  Scroll down for committee and Senate contact information.


The Oklahoma Commercial Pet Breeders Act passed in 2010 created numerous enforcement and compliance challenges.  HB 2921 seeks to help address some of these problems by creating a new Commercial Pet Breeders Act of 2012.


How You Can Help:

  • Contact your State Senator and ask them to support House Bill 2921.  Click here to find the contact information for your State Senator.  Be sure to contact your state, rather than your federal Senator.

  • Contact the members of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Development Committee.  Ask them to support House Bill 2921.  The committee contact information is as follows:

Senator Eddie Fields (Chair)
Phone: (405) 521-5581
E-mail: efields@oksenate.gov

Senator Ron Justice (Vice Chair)
Phone: (405) 521-5537
E-mail: justice@oksenate.gov

Senator Mark Allen
Phone: (405) 521-5576
E-mail: allen@oksenate.gov

Senator Patrick Anderson
Phone: (405) 521-5630
E-mail: anderson@oksenate.gov

Senator Don Barrington
Phone: (405) 521-5563
E-mail: barrington@oksenate.gov

Senator Randy Bass
Phone: (405) 521-5567
E-mail: bass@oksenate.gov

Senator Jerry Ellis
Phone: (405) 521-5614
E-mail: ellis@oksenate.gov

Senator Tom Ivester
Phone: (405) 521-5545
E-mail: ivester@oksenate.gov

Senator Frank Simpson
Phone: (405) 521-5607
E-mail: simpson@oksenate.gov

Senator Anthony Sykes
Phone: (405) 521-5569
E-mail: lewis@oksenate.gov

Senator Charles Wyrick
Phone: (405) 521-5561
E-mail: wyrick@oksenate.gov


The AKC Government Relations Department (AKC GR) will continue to closely monitor this legislation and provide updates as they become available.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail doglaw@akc.org; or contact Dr. Denise Travis of the Oklahoma Animal Interest Alliance (AKC’s Oklahoma state federation) at dogdoc88@flash.net.