OK Update: Legislature Approves Multiple Changes to Commercial Pet Breeders Act

OK Update: Legislature Approves Multiple Changes to Commercial Pet Breeders Act


The Oklahoma Legislature has approved two measures that make numerous changes to the state’s Commercial Pet Breeders Act and the regulations adopted by the Board of Commercial Pet Breeders.

Senate Bill 637 and House Joint Resolution 1045 have been sent to the Governor’s desk.  If you would like to submit comments to Governor Fallin, you may view her office’s contact information here.



Senate Bill 637 makes the following changes to the Commercial Pet Breeders Act:

  • Establishing a toll-free hotline for reporting animal abuse – Callers will be required to include their name and phone number.  Anonymous reports will not be accepted.

  • Prohibiting the Board from hiring “humane society groups” or members of humane society groups to perform inspections.

  • Adding further acts that would result in revocation of a license – Currently a license may be revoked for anyone who fails to meet the standards of care outlined in the regulations.  SB 637 states that a license may also be revoked for anyone who fails to meet the application requirements or is convicted of a serious felony (such as murder, kidnapping, child abuse, etc.) or convicted under the Oklahoma Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.

  • Clarifying that USDA licensees must comply with the Act.  A House committee adopted an amendment that would have exempted USDA licensees; however, this amendment was removed on the House floor.  USDA licensees are required to comply with the Commercial Pet Breeders Act, but it is being reported that they will be given a credit to apply towards inspection costs.


House Joint Resolution 1045 deletes several of the regulations approved by the Board of Commercial Pet Breeders in December 2010. The following provisions were deleted:

  • Requiring a breeder to submit “any other relevant information required by the Board”, in addition to all other required portions of the application.

  • The Board of Commercial Pet Breeders may cancel or deny a license for any felony conviction.

  • Members of the board may request an investigation of a breeder

  • Allowing the Executive Director of the Board to contract with other state agencies, political subdivisions, local animal control, registered breeder inspectors or Oklahoma licensed veterinarians to conduct investigations.

  • Preventing breeders from breeding a female until she is 10 months old or has entered her second heat cycle.

  • Requiring the carrier transporting the animal to comply with numerous provisions, including continuing to provide proper care, feeding and housing for the animal until the recipient accepts delivery of the pet or it is returned to the breeder.


For more information on SB 637 and the Oklahoma Commercial Pet Breeders Act, contact the Oklahoma Animal Interest Alliance at dogdoc88@flash.net or the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.