Ohio Update: Rescue and Breeder License Applications Due June 13

Ohio Update: Rescue and Breeder License Applications Due June 13


On March 13, 2013, Ohio enacted a new law that requires commercial dog breeders and rescues to be licensed by the state.  As a result of this new law, the Ohio Department of Agriculture is requiring that the following individuals/organizations be licensed by June 13, 2013:


  • All rescues operating in Ohio – The Ohio Department of Agriculture is keeping a database of all rescues in the state, including foster homes utilized by the rescue organization.   Rescues will not be required to comply with the other provisions of the law, and will only be inspected if there is a complaint.  Rescues must complete the application at this link and return it to the Department before the June 13 deadline.  There is no application fee.

  • All high volume commercial dog breeders – The law defines this as anyone who both produces 9 litters of puppies AND sells 60 dogs or puppies in a calendar year.  Both criteria must be met to be considered a high volume breeder and subject to the licensing and other requirements.  Visit the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s website for links to the breeder application and other information required to obtain a license. 

The regulations outlining the standards required for high volume breeders have not yet been published.  Breeders are encouraged to contact the Ohio Department of Agriculture at (614) 728-6220 or animal@agri.ohio.gov for more information, and for any questions and concerns.

AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor this issue and provide more information as it becomes available.