Ohio Update: Licensing Deadline Extended For Breeders

Ohio Update: Licensing Deadline Extended For Breeders


The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department has been notified by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) that the timeframe for licensure of high-volume dog breeders has been postponed until the regulations can be finalized and approved. 

The proposed regulations have been posted online for review, but they are not yet finalized.  AKC GR is currently reviewing the regulations and will provide more information soon.

Rescues are required to be registered with the state if they keep, house, or maintain dogs in the state of Ohio.  AKC GR understands that this includes those who coordinate rescue efforts in the state.  Rescues will not be required to comply with the proposed regulations for high-volume breeders, but must still complete and submit a registration form. 

ODA has encouraged high-volume breeders to contact them, and they will send updated information on licensure and the timeframe as soon as it becomes available.

Breeders and rescues can contact ODA at (614) 728-6220.

More information on the new law and registration forms can be found by clicking here.