OH High-Volume Breeder Oversight Bill Signed by Governor

OH High-Volume Breeder Oversight Bill Signed by Governor


Ohio Senate Bill 130, which seeks to regulate those who both breed 9 litters of puppies and sell 60 dogs in a calendar year, has been signed into law by Governor John Kasich.   A breeder must meet both of these criteria in a calendar year in order to be required to be licensed by the state.

Rescues operating in Ohio must also register with the state, but will not be required to pay any fees.  This registration will include a list of foster homes used by the rescue, and will allow the state to inspect a rescue if there is a complaint.

The AKC appreciates the bill sponsor and General Assembly’s willingness to listen to the concerns of the AKC and responsible Ohio dog breeders and owners.  As introduced, Senate Bill 130 would have negatively impacted hobbyists and sportsmen, created a new governmental board with no breeder representation, and instituted unreasonable engineering requirements and standards of care not in the best interest of dogs.  Another bill introduced would have created even more unreasonable standards and regulated ear cropping and tail docking.   This second bill never received a hearing, and most of the changes requested by the AKC and the Ohio Valley Dog Owners (AKC’s state federation) were incorporated into the final version of Senate Bill 130. Read AKC’s previous Legislative Alert for more information on Senate Bill 130.

The AKC thanks Ohio Valley Dog Owners and the many Ohio AKC clubs and breeders who took the time to educate their legislators on responsible dog ownership and breeding.  These efforts helped develop a more reasonable law for the state.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with an advisory committee established in the law, will develop regulations regarding the care of animals owned by high-volume breeders.  The AKC will closely monitor the regulatory process to ensure that the rules are in the best interest of dogs and responsible breeders, and will provide more information on this process as it becomes available in the coming weeks.