October 2003 Board Meeting Highlights

October 2003 Board Meeting Highlights


Highlights from the October 2003 meeting of the AKC Board of Directors are as follows:

  • The Board approved amendments to the Herding Regulations to permit Standard Schnauzers and Giant Schnauzers to compete in Herding Tests and to participate in Herding Trials on an Exhibition Only basis. These changes are effective January 1, 2004.

  • The Board approved a procedure whereby a breed Parent Club may request that an unregistered kennel name be restricted from use in its breed. The Parent Club would be required to document the historical significance of the name to the breed and to determine, as far as possible, that no other party has a claim to the use of the name. Because of programming requirements, this procedure will be effective June 1, 2004. Six requests previously submitted that met the requirement were approved as follows:

    "Birchwyn" - English Cocker Spaniels (Dr. Mary Livezey Parish)

    "Cambria" - Basenjis (Bob Mankey)

    "Dunelm" - English Cocker Spaniels (Arthur B. and Jane L. Ferguson)

    "Giralda" - English Cocker Spaniels (Mrs. Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge)

    "Mazelaine" - Boxers (John and Mazie Wagner)

    "Shikarwyn" - English Cocker Spaniels (Miss Ethelwyn Harrison)


  • It was voted to place Florida back in Point Schedule Division 4 effective with the May 2004 Dog Show Point Schedule.

  • The Board approved revised wording for all AKC event entry forms providing for arbitration in case of a claim against AKC or a club and an entrant in that club's event. The club may opt out of the arbitration provision by so indicating in its premium list. This wording is to be on all entry forms for events held after April 1, 2004.

  • The Board authorized the creation of two inspector positions in the compliance area. One of these is to be assigned to a new pet shop oversight pilot program.

  • The Board received a report that while inspection activity has not declined (4,000 inspections for 2003), the number of inspection related suspensions has declined. This is partially attributed to AKC's positive proactive educational programs in this area, especially when kennels are inspected for the first time.

  • The following Delegates were approved: Ms. Chantal M. Andrew to represent the Greater Ocala Dog Club, Inc.; Thomas W. Baldwin to represent the Miniature Pinscher Club of America, Inc.; Ms. Anna Carson to represent the Contra Costa County Kennel Club, Inc.; Ms. Susan Chodorov to represent the First DTC of Northern New Jersey, Inc.; Mrs. Myrle Hale to represent the Chaparral Kennel Club, Inc.; Harold J. Miller to represent the American Foxhound Club, Inc.; Raymond C. Muth to represent the Wisconsin Amateur Field Trial Club; Robert Michael Nazak to represent the Old Dominion Kennel Club of Northern Virginia; Billy J. Price to represent the Mid-Del-Tinker Kennel Club, Inc.; Ms. Barbara Russell to represent the Greater Naples Dog Club, Inc.

  • Six individuals from Missouri, Nebraska, New York and Oklahoma were suspended for refusal to make dogs and/or records available. Two individuals from North Carolina and New York were suspended for cruelty violations. Eight individuals from Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New York, Texas and Wyoming were suspended for miscellaneous violations.