NY Committee Considers Bill Banning Breed Discrimination in Insurance Policies

The NY Assembly Insurance Committee will consider a bill on Wednesday, March 13, that would...

The NY Assembly Insurance Committee will consider a bill on Wednesday, March 13, that would prohibit insurance companies from denying, cancelling or raising premium rates for homeowners’ insurance based on the breed of dog owned by the policyholder.

All responsible dog owners and breeders in New York are encouraged to contact the committee and ask them to support Assembly Bill 3952 (Scroll down for contact information).


As introduced, Assembly Bill 3952 prohibits insurers from refusing to issue, renew or cancel or raise premiums for homeowners insurance based on breed of dog (or mixed-breed) owned by the policyholder. The bill does allow for insurance companies to take these actions if the dog has been declared dangerous based on current law.

New York state law already expressly prohibits municipalities from passing laws that target specific breeds of dogs

Assembly Insurance Committee Contact Information:

Kevin Cahill, Chair
Albany Office: 518-455-4436
District Office: 845-338-9610

Thomas Abinanti
Albany Office: 518-455-5753
District Office: 914-631-1605
District Fax: 914-631-1609

William Barclay
Albany Office: 518-455-5841
District Office: 315-598-5185

Ken Blankenbush
Albany Office: 518-455-5797
District Office: 315-493-3909

Edward Braunstein
Albany Office: 518-455-5425
District Office: 718-357-3588

Marc Butler
Albany Office: 518-455-5393
Johnstown District Office: 518-762-6486
Herkimer District Office: 315-866-1632

Vivian Cook
Albany Office: 518-455-4203
District Office: 718-322-3975

Brian Curran
Albany Office: 518-455-4656
District Office: 516-561-8216

Steven Cymbrowitz
Albany Office: 518-455-5214
District Office: 718-743-4078

Rafael Espinal, Jr.
Albany Office: 518-455-5821
District Office: 718-235-5627
District Fax: 718-235-5966

Gary Finch
Albany Office: 518-455-5878
District Office: 315-255-3045

Stephen Hawley
Albany Office: 518-455-5811
District Office: 585-589-5780

Andrew Hevesi
Albany Office: 518-455-4926
District Office: 718-263-5595

Rhoda Jacobs
Albany Office: 518-455-5385
District Office: 718-434-0446

Charles Lavine
Albany Office: 518-455-5456
Albany Fax: 518-455-5467
District Office: 516-676-0050
Albany Fax: 516-676-0071

Francisco Moya
Albany Office: 518-455-4567
District Office: 718-458-5367
District Fax: 718-478-2371

Crystal Peoples-Stokes
Albany Office: 518-455-5005
District Office: 716-897-9714

N. Nick Perry
Albany Office: 518-455-4166
District Office: 718-385-3336

J. Gary Pretlow
Albany Office: 518-455-5291
Yonkers District Office: 914-375-0456
Mt. Vernon District Office: 914-667-0127

Dan Quart
Albany Office: 518-455-4794
District Office: 212-605-0937
District Fax: 212-605-9948

Jose’ Rivera
Albany Office: 518-455-5414
District Office: 718-933-2204

James Skoufis
Albany Office: 518-455-4436
District Office: 845-338-9610

Phil Steck
Albany Office: 518-455-5441
District Office: 845-469-6929
District Fax: 845-469-0914

Raymond Walter
Albany Office: 518-455-4618
Albany Fax: 518-455-5023
District Office: 716-634-1895

David Weprin
Albany Office: 518-455-5806
District Office: 718-454-3027
District Fax: 718-454-3178

For questions or more information, contact the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.