NY Alert: Ask Senate to Support Criminalizing Pet Theft

NY Alert: Ask Senate to Support Criminalizing Pet Theft


Senate Bill 946, a bill that would officially declare pet theft a crime of fourth degree grand larceny, has passed the Senate Codes Committee and is now pending on the Senate floor.

Resident New York dog owners are encouraged to contact their state senator and ask them to support Senate Bill 946.


Senate Bill 946 amends the state’s penal code to clarify that the definition of “property” includes a pet dog or cat taken from a dwelling, yard, or any enclosure on the owner’s or custodian’s property.   This means that if someone steals a dog or cat from the property of either the owner or a caretaker (defined as someone providing the animal with food and water), then they will be charged with grand larceny in the fourth degree.

The American Kennel Club supports SB 946 and believes that those who commit pet theft should be held accountable under the law.  Those who are victim of a pet theft should be afforded the same protection and compensation as when other valuable property is stolen.