New York Bills Advancing - Contact the NY Assembly TODAY!

The New York State Assembly is expected to vote this week on two bills impacting the rights of dog...

The New York State Assembly is expected to vote this week on two bills impacting the rights of dog owners. 


Responsible New York dog owners and breeders are strongly encouraged to contact their New York Assembly members TODAY and ask them to OPPOSE Assembly Bill 3431 and SUPPORT Assembly Bill 3507. 


Even if you have already contacted your Assembly member, please take the time to contact them again regarding these bills. Click here and type in your address to find the name and contact information for your Assembly member.


Assembly Bill 3431 – Ban on Debarking

Assembly Bill 3431 would ban the practice of debarking, thereby restricting the rights of responsible dog owners to make viable, safe decisions on behalf of their pets in conjunction with their veterinarian.  The bill has passed two committees and been approved by Rules, meaning that it could be scheduled for a vote as soon as today.  

The AKC believes that much misinformation exists about the debarking of dogs. This procedure, which is performed by a veterinarian using laser or biopsy technology, is safe and relatively non-invasive. It is an acceptable medical procedure that is often done as a "last resort" when all other methods of modifying a dog's behavior have failed. For many responsible owners, debarking is the only alternative to euthanizing or surrendering their canine companion to a local shelter when their pet's noisy behavior continually disrupts the community. 

The American Kennel Club opposes Assembly Bill 3431.


Talking Points:
Read AKC’s position statement on debarking

Read AKC’s Issue Analysis: Dispelling the Myths of Cropped Ears, Docked Tails, Dewclaws, and Debarking

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Assembly Bill 3507 – Prohibiting Insurance Breed Discrimination

Assembly Bill 3507 prohibits insurers from refusing to issue, renew, cancel or raise premiums for homeowners insurance based on the breed of dog owned by the policyholder. The bill does allow for insurance companies to take these actions if the dog has been declared dangerous based on current law, which also already expressly prohibits municipalities from passing laws that target specific breeds of dogs.   The bill was approved by the Codes Committee yesterday and is expected to be approved by Rules and scheduled for a vote very soon.


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The American Kennel Club strongly supports Assembly Bill 3507.


AKC Government Relations will continue to closely monitor these bills and provide updates as they become available. For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at (919) 816-3720 or