NC Alert: Problematic Breeder Bill to Be Considered TOMORROW (May 8)!

North Carolina House Bill 930, which seeks to regulate those who meet an arbitrary definition of...

North Carolina House Bill 930, which seeks to regulate those who meet an arbitrary definition of “large commercial dog breeding facilities”, is scheduled for a hearing in the House Judiciary B Subcommittee TOMORROW at 10:00 am.


Responsible North Carolina dog breeders and owners are strongly encouraged to attend tomorrow’s meeting. If you cannot attend the hearing, please contact the members of the Judiciary committee, your State Representative and Speaker Tillis TODAY to ask them to either oppose House Bill 930 or to remove the problematic definition of “large commercial dog breeding facilities.”   


Scroll down for hearing and contact information.



House Bill 930 establishes in law an arbitrary definition of “large commercial dog breeder” that would include individuals who own 10 or more female dogs regardless of whether they are actually breeding or selling dogs.

The bill uses many of the provisions of the AKC’s performance based -standards for the care and conditions of dogs, but applies them only in context of regulating so-called “large commercial breeders”.

Although HB 930 is characterized as a “law enforcement tool” to prevent cruelty, its definition of “large commercial breeder” is arbitrary, and the standards of care are applied only to that class of dogs. AKC believes that animal welfare and cruelty standards should cover all dogs regardless of the numbers or purpose for which they are owned.  Further, if a bill is designed to regulate commercial breeding activity, this definition should be based on real commercial activity, not simply the number of dogs a person owns. 


AKC opposes HB 930 as currently written.  Instead, AKC supports striking the definition of large commercial breeder from this bill. Striking this definition will:

  • Enable ALL dogs to benefit from the these care standards

  • Avoid establishing arbitrary regulations that define commercial activity based solely on property ownership.  


Talking Points:

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What You Can Do:


  • Attend the House Judiciary Subcommittee B hearing TOMORROW. 

    Business attire or show clothes are appropriate for the hearing. While attendees will not be able to speak, numbers matter. The committee members will see how many took the time to come to the hearing to express concerns with this bill that is not in the best interest of dogs or responsible breeders.  The hearing details are as follows:

    House Judiciary Subcommittee B hearing
    Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2013
    Time:  10:00 am
    Location: Legislative Office Building
    Room 421
    300 N. Salisbury Street
    Raleigh, NC 27603

    Click here for directions to the Legislative Building. Click the “View Map of Downtown” link at the top of the page for a parking map.

  • Contact the members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee B and express your concerns with House Bill 930.  Ask them to either oppose the bill or remove the definition of “large commercial dog breeding facilities”.

    Representative Jonathan Jordan (Chairman)
    Phone: 919-733-7727

    Representative Chuck McGrady (Chairman)
    Phone: 919-733-5956

    Representative John Faircloth (Vice Chairman)
    Phone: 919-733-5877

    Representative Rick Glazier (Vice Chairman)
    Phone: 919-733-5601

    Representative Pat Hurley (Vice Chair)
    Phone: 919-733-5865

    Representative Henry M. “Mickey” Michaux (Vice Chairman)
    Phone: 919-715-2528

    Representative Paul Stam (Vice Chairman)
    Phone: 919-733-2962

    Representative Rob Bryan
    Phone: 919-733-5607

    Representative Debra Conrad
    Phone: 919-733-5787

    Representative Leo  Daughtry
    Phone: 919-733-5605

    Representative Valerie Foushee
    Phone: 919-715-3019

    Representative Joe Sam Queen
    Phone: 919-715-3005

    Representative Bobbie Richardson
    Phone: 919-715-3032

    Representative Stephen Ross
    Phone: 919-733-5820

    Representative Jason Saine (Sponsor, House Bill 930)
    Phone: 919-733-5782




The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department will continue to closely monitor this legislation and provide more information as it becomes available.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at (919) 816-3720 or