Missouri House Could Discuss Prohibiting BSL As Soon As TODAY!

AKC Government Relations has just learned that the Missouri House of Representatives could have...

AKC Government Relations has just learned that the Missouri House of Representatives could have floor debate as soon as TODAY (April 16) on House Bill 1116


– a bill that would prohibit localities from regulating specific breeds of dogs.  Any existing ordinances and regulations would be voided.  After floor debate, the bill will be scheduled for a vote in the House. 

This bill has become very controversial and it is important that Representatives hear positive, respectful messages encouraging them to support this important legislation.  During the floor debate, an amendment will likely be offered to allow certain localities to enact mandatory spay/neuter policies for specific breeds.  The AKC opposes this amendment. 

Those who reside or participate in dog events in Missouri are strongly encouraged to contact the Missouri House of Representatives and ask them to support House Bill 1116 as currently written.

Use the Missouri House of Representative’s “Find my legislator” link to enter your zip code and find the name and contact information for your State Representative.  Contact information for the full Missouri House of Representatives may be found here.  


Talking Points:

The AKC supports House Bill 1116, which protects the rights of dog owners while still allowing communities to enact dangerous dog laws that hold all owners accountable.  Fifteen states currently have laws that prohibit breed-specific legislation (BSL), and two additional states have already passed legislation this year to enact similar prohibitions on BSL.


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AKC Government Relations will continue to closely monitor this legislation and provide more information as it becomes available. 

For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.