Missouri Eliminates Ownership Limits in New Breeder Regulations

Missouri Governor Nixon signed Senate Bill 161 on April 27, 2011.  This new law, effective...

Missouri Governor Nixon signed Senate Bill 161 on April 27, 2011.  This new law, effective immediately, eliminates a 50-dog ownership limit and makes several other positive changes to the Proposition B provisions passed in November 2010. 


The AKC congratulates the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners and the numerous responsible breeders in Missouri who worked tirelessly to ensure the protection of the health and welfare of dogs and the rights of responsible breeders.



Senate Bill 161, like Proposition B, covers anyone who owns or has custody of ten or more intact female dogs over the age of six months for the purpose of breeding the dogs and selling offspring. Changes included in SB 161 include:

  • Removing the 50-dog limit

  • Creating the crime of “canine cruelty” for those who repeatedly violate the state’s animal welfare laws and pose a substantial risk to the health and welfare of animals

  • Amending the definition of “sufficient housing” to remove arbitrary  temperature provisions and instead require a sanitary facility, a solid surface for the dog to lie “in a recumbent position”, proper ventilation, and other provisions

  • Establishing a Class A misdemeanor for anyone who stacks cages without an impervious barrier between each level


The new law also establishes new requirements for kennel construction:

  • For all kennels constructed prior to April 15, 2011, the space must be two times the size currently allowed in Missouri Department of Agriculture regulations.  All newly-constructed kennels must be three times the size currently permitted.  By January 1, 2016, all kennels must meet the newly-constructed kennel standards.

  • Provide constant and unfettered access to an attached outdoor run.

  • No wire flooring is permitted, and all enclosures must meet the flooring standards set by rule by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

  • Meet all other requirements established in rule by the Missouri Department of Agriculture


For further information, contact the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.  You may also contact AKC’s Missouri federation, the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, at kjeeper@yhti.net.