March 2014 AKC Gazette President’s Letter

At the end of the month in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the 2nd Companion Events Extravaganza will...

At the end of the month in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the 2nd Companion Events Extravaganza will bring together more than 2,000 dogs and their owners to celebrate the best in dog sports.


We’ll showcase some of the most talented dogs in the country in the:

  • AKC National Agility Championship – Thursday-Sunday, March 27th-30th

  • AKC Rally® National Championship – Friday, March 28th

  • AKC National Obedience Championship – Saturday and Sunday, March 29th-30th


There are many exciting things happening at the 2014 Extravaganza, including:

  • Streaming video of all three events: Stop by AKC homepage for links to watch the agility, obedience and AKC Rally® action.

  • Crowning of the first AKC Rally® National Champion: After the inaugural AKC Rally® National Competition last year in Tulsa, the event officially transitioned into a Championship. The nearly 100 dogs in the Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) class will compete for the prestigious Rally National Champion (RNC) title.

  • Largest entry ever for the AKC National Agility Championship: More than 1,600 agility dogs will compete in Harrisburg in pursuit of the National Agility Champion (NAC) or Preferred National Agility Champion (PNAC) titles. To accommodate the record entry, we added another full day of agility action to the Championship, with all Time2Beat classes running on Thursday.

  • Competitor Stories on AKC Dog Lovers Blog: We’ll be posting inspiring stories from competitors leading up to the events at Stop by for photos, videos and stories showing the teamwork and training it takes to make it to the Extravaganza. 


For those traveling to compete or watch the event, I hope you enjoy your time in Harrisburg.

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