Maine Committee to Consider Numerous Bills Tomorrow (4/26)

The Maine Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry Committee is scheduled to consider several bills...

The Maine Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry Committee is scheduled to consider several bills relating to dog ownership on Tuesday, April 26. 


If you would like to submit comments on any of these measures, the information is as follows:


Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry Committee
Date: Tuesday, April 26
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: Cross State Office Building
Room 206
Augusta, Maine


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The committee agenda for tomorrow’s hearing includes several bills of interest to dog owners, including:

LD 850This bill makes several changes to the laws regarding the care of dogs, including:

  • Clarifying that the mandatory opening on an outdoor shelter may not be more than 3 inches taller or wider than the largest dog.

  • Authorizing any person (not just law enforcement officers) to take all steps necessary to remove an animal from a motor vehicle if it is believed the animal’s safety, health and well-being are in immediate danger.  If the person is not a law enforcement official, they must take the animal immediately to the nearest law enforcement office or animal shelter, and leave a written notice on the vehicle with the name and address of where the animal may be claimed. 

  • Requiring that all dogs being transported in an open portion of a vehicle on a public way be either crosstethered or enclosed in a container or cage that is securely attached to prevent sliding, unless the open portion has sides and a tailgate that are at least 46 inches high.

LD 1169This bill seeks to increase the penalties for those who do not license their dogs by assessing a fine of up to $100 in addition to the license fee and a $25 late fee.  Each year, municipal officers will be required to issue a warrant to law enforcement or animal control officers with the names and addresses of all who have not purchased a license for their dog.  The owners will be required to obtain a license and pay the fees within seven days of receiving the notice.

Other bills on the agenda include:
LD 467This bill establishes the option of a 3-year dog license (rather than an annual license) if the dog has received a 3-year rabies vaccination.

LD 1309 – This bill establishes reciprocity between Maine and New Hampshire for the reporting of rabies vaccinations.  If a veterinarian in one state vaccinates a dog owned by someone in the other state, a rabies certificate will be sent to the appropriate Department of Agriculture verifying the vaccination.

LD 676This bill requires that veterinarians provide verbal and written notice prior to dispensing medications stating that the owner may purchase the prescriptions from the veterinarian or the pharmacy of their choice.  The veterinarian must also provide a written prescription without charging a fee.

LD 779This bill states that a teaching or research institution must ensure than any animals they use, house or transport are not subjected to procedures that result in “severe and unrelieved pain or distress.”


For more information on these bills, contact Jay Kitchener of the Federation of Maine Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners at or the AKC Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720 or