June 2014 AKC Gazette President’s Letter

AKC recently bundled together a variety of products for the everyday dog owner in the new...

AKC recently bundled together a variety of products for the everyday dog owner in the new WOOFipedia store at shop.woofipedia.com.


These products and services help share our responsible dog ownership message and AKC’s 130 years of canine expertise with the dog-loving public in addition to generating revenue that will be used to support AKC programs and good works.


With this online store we are...


Educating the general public with the AKC Breed ID Book, which makes it easy for dog novices to identify more than 170 AKC recognized breeds and get in contact with the national breed clubs.


Sharing our expertise through the AKC GoodDog!SM Helpline and The Guide to Dog Care and Training DVD. The Helpline is a live telephone service available seven days a week for behavior advice, support and training tips, where trainers work with callers to develop a plan specifically for them and their dog. The DVD presents basic care, nutrition, and training tips from experts.

Providing resources for our programs with the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Book, which helps owners develop their puppies into well-behaved and healthy members of the family and the community through socialization, training, activity and responsible dog ownership.


Strengthening the bond between dog and owner with the BFF Box, a specialty box of quality toys, treats, and fun meant to celebrate the canine-human bond.

WOOFipedia itself continues to attract more than 500,000 unique page views a month with its articles on care and training, viral videos, and the Breed Selector Tool. Stop by if you haven’t already or sign up on WOOFipedia to automatically receive the weekly email featuring the top articles.


We’ll continue to update you as we add additional products in the WOOFipedia online store. If there is something you feel might be useful to educate or enrich the lives of your puppy buyers or the dog owners in your community, let us know at AKCIdeas@akc.org.




Dennis B. Sprung
President and CEO