Highlights From The May 11 & 12, 2009 Meeting

Highlights from the May 2009 meeting of the AKC Board of Directors are as follows: The...

Highlights from the May 2009 meeting of the AKC Board of Directors are as follows:


  • The Russell Terrier will become eligible to compete in the Miscellaneous Class, effective January 1, 2010.

  • The kennel name "Sunnybank (Albert Payson Terhune) was retired for Collies, and the kennel name "Squier" (Richard H. and Doris Squier) was retired for Field Spaniels.

  • The revised standards for the Akita, the Black Russian Terrier, and the Polish Lowland Sheepdog, were approved as published in the AKC GAZETTE, effective July 1, 2009.

  • The Board approved the new suffix title, Certificate of Merit (CM) for dogs competing in the Miscellaneous Class, effective January 1, 2010. The details are in the May 2009 AKC Board minutes.

  • The Guidelines for Conformation Dog Show Judges were amended to prohibit a judge from using the services of an agent for at least four months after that agent exhibited under the judge. Previously, the Guidelines only specified four months before.

  • The Board adopted a number of changes recommended by the Retriever Advisory Committee as follows:

    • Advice on amateurs judging a professional with whom they have a training relationship.

    • Changing "should" to "shall" in a number of the Standard Procedures.

    • An amendment to Chapter 8, Section 9, of the Retriever Field Trial Rules regarding dogs with contagious communicable diseases. This will be read at the June 2009 Delegate meeting, with a VOTE in September 2009.

  • The Regulations for AKC Coonhound Bench Shows, Field Trials and Nite Hunts, and Water Races were amended to provide additional structure and clarification. The amendments are included in the May 2009 minutes.

  • The Match Regulations were amended to require clubs to notify AKC no later than 15 days prior to holding on "OC" match. This change is effective August 1, 2009.

  • The Rally Regulations were amended, effective immediately, to allow clubs to put the date of the trial and the name of the club on the face, back tab, or on a label attached to the ribbon.

  • The AKC Regulations for Agility Trials were amended, effective September 1, 2009, to allow clubs to hold a FAST class agility trial on the day preceding or following two consecutive days of agility trials.


The following Delegates were approved:

  • Ralph E. Hogancamp, Woodbury, MN, to represent Minneapolis Kennel Club

  • Marjorie B. McTernan, Punta Gorda, FL, to represent Norfolk Terrier Club

  • Barbara O’Neill, Seattle, WA, to represent Borzoi Club of America

  • Judith L. Priestly, Flint, MI, to represent Companion Dog Training Club of Flint

  • Mary Jo Rasmussen, Falls Church, VA, to represent Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America

  • Martha Ruskai, Winston-Salem, NC, to represent Winston-Salem Dog Training Club

  • Deborah J. Wilkins, Prior Lake, MN, to represent St. Croix Valley Kennel Club

  • Harvey M. Wooding, Redding, CT, to represent Westminster Kennel Club