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Clubs frequently ask the Event Operations department about the reason for a Common Site Application...

Clubs frequently ask the Event Operations department about the reason for a Common Site Application (CSA).


Some of the most common questions include:

  1. What is a Common Site Application (CSA)?

  2. When does one need to be submitted?

  3. Why do clubs have to submit one?



Let’s look at each question individually to get a complete understanding of this very important document.


The Common Site Application documents that the club who owns the territory where the event site is located, grants permission to the other club(s) to hold event(s) on a specific date(s).  The top part of the CSA is used to document this granting of permission.  The club that owns the territory where the event is held may not be participating in the events, but their permission is still required.  A club officer (president, vice-president, secretary, or treasurer) is required to sign the form.

  • When does one need to be submitted?

Per AKC Board policy a CSA is required when all-breed or group clubs hold events on consecutive days at the same site.  If an all-breed or group club is having competition on a day(s) adjacent to and at the same site as other all-breed or group clubs, they must be included in the CSA even if they are not part of the cluster of the adjacent event(s).

  • Why do clubs have to submit one?

The CSA documents the date that each club(s) will hold their event(s).  Additionally, the CSA acknowledges that each club is in agreement on the date of their event by requiring a representative of each club sign it.  This is especially important for clusters that rotate dates.  CSAs that are effective for a single cluster of shows may be signed by a club officer or the show chairperson.  Clubs that do not rotate can make the agreed upon dates effective for multiple years, including indefinite, but must be signed by an officer of each club. Clubs that rotate will need to submit a CSA for each year, but multiple years can be submitted at one time.  Clubs taking advantage of submitting CSAs that cover future years can alleviate themselves of a step in the processing of future event applications.

The Event Operations Department recognizes that it may be difficult to have all of the clubs provide the required signatures on an individual CSA. To assist clubs with this process host clubs have the option of creating a completed master copy of the CSA and distributing a copy to each of the clubs for their individual signature.  The master copy must include the signed permission of the club owning show permissions for the site.  Because we will not process the CSA until all signatures have been obtained, host clubs are responsible for accumulating the signed copies and providing them to the AKC as a single submission.