Entering AKC Events Easier for Retriever Field Trialers and Hunting Test Competitors

Entering AKC events just got easier for retriever field trialers and hunting test competitors....

Entering AKC events just got easier for retriever field trialers and hunting test competitors.


At its April 2006 meeting, the AKC Board of Directors approved changes to the Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedure for Retrievers and Regulations & Guidelines for AKC Hunting Tests for Retrievers that give dog clubs the option of using an electronic entry service.

"The retriever field trial community absolutely loves electronic entry," said AKC Assistant Vice President of Performance Events Bill Speck. "It's really easy for them to enter events. They set the account up with the electronic entry service, which then has their credit card information on file and lists their dogs. When they want to enter a field trial, they go on-line, and after about two clicks or so, they're entered."

"They can enter from anywhere that has on-line access, whether it's a local library, hotel room or wherever," Speck said. "The field trial secretaries love it because it takes burden off of them from receiving entries, having catalogs prepared and dealing with checks in the mail."

The electronic service does the draw, constructs catalogs and determines running order by a computer-generated draw. The service doesn't charge the event-hosting club anything but costs the entrant about $3 extra per entry, Speck added.

"Before, if you wanted to enter a field trial or hunting test, your only option was to put your entry in the mail. If you wanted to be notified that your entry was received, you included self-addressed-stamped envelope or postcard, and the secretary filled it out and sent it back to you," Speck said. "Now, with the on-line service, when you push 'enter,' you're there. And regarding results, the electronic service can post them within days of the event."

According to the recently amended AKC guidelines, on-line entries are subject to the same requirements as mail entries. Additional requirements or conditions may be imposed by the on-line service. Such service or club shall accept paper entries from those not wishing to enter electronically. A club using an on-line service to accept entries must so stipulate in the premium list. All on-line entry instructions should be clearly written. The field trial running order, for those clubs which choose to use an electronic service, will be determined by the Dow Jones method as described in Chapter 14, Section 4(b) of the Field Trial Rules and Standard Procedure for Retrievers.