Daisy Peel and Solar place 2nd overall at the Crufts International Agility Competition

Daisy Peel and Border Collie NAC MACH Super Sun OF "Solar" placed 2nd out of 22 International teams...

Daisy Peel and Border Collie NAC MACH Super Sun OF "Solar" placed 2nd out of 22 International teams after 3 rounds of competition at the prestigious Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham England.


They had a excellent day of competition representing the AKC and United States in the International Agility competition which the AKC was invited to attend. In the first round of Jumping they placed 3rd on a highly technical course with a challenging weave pole entry. Then they went on to win the 2nd round of Standard Agility on a course where layering the dog walk proved to be an important skill.


Daisy and Solar entered the Finals seeded first. Crufts draws over 160,000 spectators over the 4 days of this show and they pack the stands at the main Arena to watch agility. The atmosphere in the arena is very charged one with bright lights, music and a play by play announcer which is definitely felt by the spectators and competitors. After many exciting runs it was time for Daisy and Solar to step to the line. Solar barked that he was ready to go and off they went. At the end of the course they had performed flawlessly. They were just a hair behind the team from the Netherlands and finished the Crufts International competition with 2nd place overall and the best finish for an AKC team at this event. You can watch Daisy and Solar’s run in the finals at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0oO_WbdvJ0


There is a feel of camaraderie from all the countries at this event. A local training school invited competitors to come out on the days prior to the competition to work their dogs. Daisy and Solar took them up on this generous offer as did many of the other teams who had travelled to England. During the event the organizers worked hard to make sure everyone was comfortable, knew how the day would progress and made sure everyone was in the right place when they needed to be. The organizers also set up a practice jump for the International exhibitors to use on a strip the same surface they would be competing on early Saturday morning. This was the only time they had use of a practice jump. The rest of they day there was not one. This was appreciated by the competitors since this was the only chance their dogs had to get a feel for the artificial surface prior to their first run. The Kennel Club made the Crufts International Agility Competition on great experience for everyone.