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Connecticut Action Alert: HB 6690 To Be Considered Tomorrow, 5/14 - Contact Legislators Now!


Connecticut House Bill 6690 (aka, File No. 698) will be considered by the Joint Environment...

Connecticut House Bill 6690 (aka, File No. 698) will be considered by the Joint Environment Committee tomorrow, May 14, at 9:45AM. 


The American Kennel Club (AKC) is concerned with unintended consequences that may result from the legislation, including the possibility that individual ownership rights could be diminished in ways similar to states that have animal “guardianship” instead of animal “ownership”.


It is of utmost importance that all concerned dog owners in Connecticut who haven’t already contacted the members of the Joint Environment Committee, listed below, in opposition to HB 6690 do so today.  Let them know you oppose HB 6690/File No. 698 as currently written.

Click here for details on HB 6690.

Click here for a customizable sample letter you can use in contacting the House Environment Committee in opposition to HB 6690.


Connecticut Joint Environment Committee


Mailing address:
Room 3200, Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106

Senator Edward Meyer, Co-Chair
Click here for a form to use when emailing Sen. Meyer.

Representative Linda M. Gentile, Co-Chair

Senator Andrew Maynard, Vice Chair
Click here for a form to use when emailing Sen. Maynard.

Representative James M. Albis

Senator Clark Chapin, Ranking Member

Representative John Shaban, Ranking Member

Representative Jay M. Case

Representative Terry Backer

Representative Mitch Bolinsky

Representative Timothy R. Bowles

Representative Cecilia Buck-Taylor

Representative Paul Davis

Representative Mike Demicco

Representative John “Jack” F. Hennessy

Representative Robert W. Megna

Representative Lawrence G. “Larry” Miller

Representative Philip J. Miller

Representative Craig A. Miner

Representative Edward E. Moukawsher

Representative Mary M. Mushinshy

Representative Tom O’Dea

Representative Kevin Ryan

Representative Robert C. Sampson

Representative Brian H. Sear

Representative Diana S. Urban

Representative Thomas A. Vicino

Representative Roberta B. Willis

Representative Melissa H. Ziobron


The AKC will continue to provide updates on HB 6690 as developments become available. For more information, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or

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